Whole pride of the 1270 founded little town of Burgstädt is the historic market which has almost been completely preserved since the middle age.

Most of the towns centre consists of small, narrow streets, alleys and half-timbered houses - most of them beautiful restored during the last decade.
Walk through the gate of the Seiger-tower and you reach the 1522 built church with its baroque altar master piece inside.

Up until 1882 the church did not have its 62 meter high tower. Because of the missing tower the cities officials installed a clock (Seiger) at the gate tower in 1604. Henceforth it was given the name Seigertum (Seiger-tower).

Image: Market with view of the church and Seiger-tower

Another landmark of Burgstädt which can be seen from a long distance is its impressive Taurasteinturm (Taurastein-tower).

Legend has it an elf lives under the tower protecting its gold treasure.

Image: Taurastein-tower

The Taurastein-tower is located midst the Wettinhain, a beautiful, neat and very popular park with lots of green and lakes.

Images: Wettinhainpark

Learn more about the history of Burgstädt in our city museum or the "Böttgerhaus" - a historic medical office. Right next to it you will find the 1761 built baroque city hall.

Furthermore Burgstädt is the starting point of lots of spectacular hikes - especially into the valley of castles with its over 1000 years old history and a vast number of castles and palaces.

One - especially picturesque castle - is the Rochsburg which is located just in walking distance.

Built in the 12th century it has been completly restored during the last decade and is now one of the pearls in the valley of castles.

Image: Rochsburg castle